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Current Projects

Section Updated as of 5/10/2024

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Health Care

Uganda:  Partnering with Mizzoldi Community College and the Apostles of Jesus has been a great success.  The CC NEEDS MORE BUILDINGS TO EDUCATE MORE LOCAL STUDENTS AND THOSE TRAVELLING FROM GREAT DISTANCES.  Amagara is considering their proposal and looking for partnerships and funding. 

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Uganda:  Rubanda Primary Health Care Center III has procured an ultrasound machine, built travelling physician housing, and are now PROPOSING BUILDING AN OPERATING THEATER!  Amagara Marungi is considering their proposal and looking for funding

Cameroon:  Partnering with the Diocese of Kumbo to build a Health Center in Akweto an extremely remote location in a country at civil war.  Block I is all but complete and SOLAR ELECTRICITY COLLECTION AND SECURE WATER SOURCES are being explored.  Amagara Marungi is reading their proposal and collecting funding  

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Vulnerable Care

Uganda:  Partnering with Rubanda Solidarity Development Assoc. to assist local volunteers to visit, care for, and assess the quality of life of the elderly in remote locations.   

This is project was begun in 2020 with urgently needed food distribution.  Now blankets, medicine, and intergenerational programs have been executed.  Further ideas and programs are being considered by the local community.

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