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Current Projects

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Health Care

Uganda:  Partnering with Rubanda Primary Health Care Center III to build lodging for travelling physicians so that they might stay on sight and not with volunteer families.

Ground breaking in Q1 2022.

Cameroon:  Partnering with the Diocese of Kumbo to build a Health Center in Akweto an extremely remote location in a country at civil war.

Ground breaking in Q2 2022.  

Uganda:  Partnering with Mizzoldi Community College and the Apostles of Jesus to bring tools to support trade training.  The school boards and feeds students as a part of agricultural training started in phase 1.  

This is phase 2 of project begun August 2021.

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Vulnerable Care

Uganda:  Partnering with Rubanda Solidarity Development Assoc. to assist local volunteers to visit, care for, and assess the quality of life of the elderly in remote locations.   

This is project was begun in 2020 with urgently needed food distribution.

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