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Africa has become a leading source of Christian missionaries to the United States of America.  Amagara Marungi ("A Better Life") is a nonprofit organization that reciprocates by sending financial support to the villages and communities that send us some of their best sons and daughters.  They support our spiritual needs; we attempt to support their physical needs.  Primary is meeting the basic needs of the most vulnerable members of their communities:  the poor, orphan, unborn, women, widowed, and elderly.

Who We Are

Amagara Marungi has its roots in 2020 as a reaction to the needs of elderly in Rubanda, Uganda severely impacted by Covid.  Local families in Maine provided funding to buy food and essentials for their distant spiritual brothers and sisters in need.   In 2021 Amagara Marungi was established as a 501(c)(3) to better manage support of grant requests and expand perspective regarding project management.   The board was expanded to include medical, financial, Catholic, and communication expertise. ​ Amagara Marungi consists of 100% of volunteer Board members and all donations will be used 100% to support those who need it in Africa.  Minimal funding required for annual maintenance of the organization, websites, social media, and advertising is provided by donations from board members.   ​  

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Would you like to support the families of our African brothers and sisters who support us?

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