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Bishop George of Kumbo, Cameroon

Bishop George 

Kumbo, Cameroon

Sr. Stella

Rubanda Solidarity Dev. Assoc., Uganda 


Fr. Julius Kabatereine

Mizzoldi Community College

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Jimmy Aiken and Dom Bettonelli

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We are grateful for the care Bishop George, Frs. Earnest and James and the whole community of Kumbo, Akweto, has put into the Health Center project

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In his summer 2023 visit to the US, Bishop George and the many missionaries that he has sent to serve in Maine gathered to say mass in Ellsworth.  He has sent some of his closest advisors and says, "thank you for giving them the opportunity to serve!" 


We are grateful to Sr. Stella for all of her energy and enthusiasm for children and the elderly.  Sr. Stella went home to be with her Lord (July 2023).  

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Sr. Stella dedicated her life to the poor of Uganda.  She partnered with the Rubanda Solidarity Development Association (RSDA), a group founded by our beloved Fr. Dominic.  Stella and the RSDA had several ministries for the poor, but notable was the work with at-risk children and suffering elderly.  


The already-and-not-yet Kingdom provides for widows.  Sr. Stella did just this, developing programs to provide food, medicine, and supplies to the elderly forgotten by the world.  During Covid she worked tirelessly to ensure their needs were met, that food was available, and health care was accessible.  Most importantly, she did so in a way that protected their dignity.  She would travel miles in difficult conditions to sit with the elderly in their modest homes, holding their hands and showing them the love of Christ.


The already-and-not-yet Kingdom provides for orphans.  Sr. Stella led the charge in Rubanda, supporting the Solidarity school and ensuring children had access to education, food, shelter, and love.  She worked tirelessly to raise funds to help the very children our Lord calls to Himself.  The children loved her in return, singing songs in her name, telling her she was their hero.


Sr. Stella passed to her reward this week.  Having battled with cancer for several years, her King ended her fight and called her home to be with Him.  I knew her only a little, but I feel the loss of one who brought the kingdom a little closer for the rest of us.  Through her we saw His kingdom on earth; I have no doubt she is now seeing His kingdom as it is in heaven.


The last text I received from Sr. Stella was July 5, as her health was failing.  It was simple but surprisingly powerful in context; Kingdom words from a child of the King:  


Never give up.  Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.


Goodbye for now, Sr. Stella.   Enjoy your well-earned sunshine. 

Fr. Julius and those of the .... (under construction, thank you for your patience).

JAMW more to come...

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