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Amagara Marungi

A Better Life!!

Supporting the homelands of missionaries sent to support US

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Africa has become a leading source of Christian missionaries to the United States of America. Small African communities send their best to support our spiritual development in a time when we desperately need it.  Amagara Marungi (A Better Life) is a non profit organization that reciprocates by sending financial support to the villages and communities that send us their sons and daughters.  They support our spiritual needs; we support their physical needs.  Primary focus are the basic needs of the most vulnerable members of their communities:  the poor, orphans, unborn, women, widows, and the elderly.

Ways We Help


Health Care

Developing Health Care Services and Centers

Financial support of local Health Care Centers including purchase of Ultrasound machines, generators, and expansion of facilities.

Occupational Education

Improving Opportunities for Employment

Building classrooms and providing necessities for occupational education of at-risk young adults

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Provision for those in Need

Feeding the most Vulnerable

Covid has had devastating impact to the most vulnerable.  Food and the means to grow food is provided for the elderly, widows, children, and poorest among us.

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